Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our First Adventure...Moving In

 For those of you looking to move in to a basement apartment., I have some advice for you...Before you pick out any furniture, pay attention to the entrance into your home. This was something we had never considered until we tried to get our couch inside.

While that 180 degree turn didn't seem too tight when you walked through it, our three seat wide couch definitely wasn't having it. After about a half hour of trying to force it, we were left with only one option...a power saw. The couch only cost twenty dollars at the glorious Deseret Industries and Josh and our landlord Macade were so enthusiastic about sawing a couch in half that I decided to let them go at it. They honestly looked like kids on Christmas.

They pulled apart the center stitching with a knife and only cut the inside framing so that we had a chance to hide it once it was inside. After lots of sawing, it was time for the moment of truth:

 Definitely still a tight squeeze...
 and we had to take our front door off...but it's INSIDE!!!!
The boys repairing the damage

And now we have a couch in our home!!! I'm pretty sure that it will stay long after we move out. You're welcome future couples!

After we had the ordeal of getting the couch through the door, I was stressing out about getting our new bed inside. Luckily, it was JUST short enough to make that stupid turn. I LOOOOVE our bed. Since our bedroom is microscopic, we picked out a bed with drawers underneath so we could have more storage space. I wish there was room to take a picture from the front but it just doesn't look right so this will have to do:
 Josh the Handyman putting it together :)
 Along with the drawers, bulkier things can be stored in the middle

Wooohooooo!!!! (gotta love our tiny window)

Once the house is decorated, I'll post pictures of the other rooms. Our house may be tiny but I LOVE it. I love coming home everyday to it's tiny-ness and everything it holds :D
Especially this guy right here :)

PS~ Please ignore the blog title, it's a work in progress. PLEASE give me any suggestions you may have, I'm no good at this stuff :/


  1. How fun! Jen told me you had to saw your couch in half, I love that it actually worked. I have so many great memories of our first apartment. That is always my advice at showers to a bride-to-be is to live in the moment you're in, not to always be looking forward to a big house or babies because they will come but you will miss that tiny apartment one day when it was just the two of you and everything was so simple. It looks like you have that figured out already!

  2. How cute Taylor!! have totally inspired me to start a blog haha :)