Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our Tiny Home

I've put off posting an update on our lives because pretty much NOTHING is going on right now. Josh works in Ogden all week and I've been working six days a week lately so things have been pretty dull around here. Our date from the Date Jar was to find five broken things in our house and fix them together which really isn't picture worthy so I don't have any date pictures even. So I decided to post pictures of our tiny little house for my out of state family to see. I know it isn't much to brag about but I LOVE this house. I wake up happy to be here every morning because it took Josh and me a lot of work to get to this point in our lives. One day we will hopefully have much more than this but for now I'm enjoying every minute in our little underground bunker.

View from the font

Our little backyard complete with squash and tomatoes growing along the fence. Sometimes when the sun starts going down and it cools off, Josh and I procrastinate on what needs to be done and swing on that swing instead :)
My little piano nook. Josh got me a book filled with Disney sheet music so our house sounds like a constant Disney movie at the moment.

Our living room/office
Our kitchen with some FANCY floors!

Our hallway to the bathroom and bedroom

A tiny peak into the bathroom

and finally, the softest comforter you'll ever feel. I love our bedding!

 That's all I've got for now. Josh and I have a fun night planned for Saturday so hopefully we will have some pictures from that to give our blog a little more excitement!

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