Sunday, August 26, 2012

Embracing the Unexpected

 It is the last week before school and I was planning on relaxing all week and looking forward to my best friend driving up from Las Vegas to visit. Unfortunately, things never seem to go like we expect. While at work, I got a call from my mother in-law saying that Josh's younger brother had fallen down some stairs and had a pretty serious head injury. Needless to say, it wasn't long until the whole family had gathered at the hospital in Ogden, sweaty work clothes and all. It turned out Jon (my brother in-law) had an epidural bleed which is very serious and had to have emergency surgery to remove the clot.

 Jon after surgery. He really knows how to go above and beyond to get out of school.
 It took him a while to wake up, but once he was awake, it wasn't long until he was spouting off our names along with something about blaming the dinosaurs for his new hair cut.

 While my week was slightly inconvenienced, it was NOTHING compared to everything going on in my mother in-law's week. Not only were the kids about to start their first day of school, but one of them was supposed to be moving into his dorm for his first year at BYU. Since Lisa (mom in-law) had to stay at the hospital with Jon, I got to help him move in. Luckily for both of us, he's a boy and didn't have very much to move haha.

 As the week wore on, we got to watch Jon get substantially better with each day. He even got daily visits from a beast of a therapy dog named Murphy.

 Not long after that picture was taken, Jon finally got to have his bandages removed and we got to see the frankenstein scar leftover from surgery.

 Even though he had one heck of a headache, he was still smiling away.
 And finally got to go home on Saturday!!

Photo: Jon was discharged to home! Now no strenuous activity for 6 weeks or school for 2 weeks

It's a good thing Jon is so stubborn, I can't believe anyone could turn around and recover so quickly. His miraculous ordeal earned him two weeks of extra summer while he recovers.

In the meantime, one of Josh's friends got a new kitten. I'm pretty allergic to cats but this kitten was so dang cute I just couldn't help holding him. I decided he was worth being itchy for a few hours....bad choice. It turns out, you can get pink eye from allergies. Did you know that? I sure as heck didn't. So I, being my usual lucky self, have bright red eyes for the next few days. The picture does not do the deep red shade justice. These are the eyes I will be having for my first day of school tomorrow. Super cute, I know. Josh is one lucky fella :) So if you see me on campus tomorrow, you don't have to tell me my eyes are red...I've noticed :/

So now that I've gotten the negative part of my week out of my system, it's time to share the positives. Once Jon was released from the hospital, the fun began! My friend Melissa drove up to spend the weekend with us before school started and boy did we get our craft on!

Not only did we get 90% of my wedding scrapbook done...

And make these little beauties to hang on the wall...

but we also made a rocking dinner of pesto chicken stuffed shells from a pinterest recipe!

Although this week was filled with more stress than I was expecting, I am so grateful that overall it was filled with joy and fun when it could've been so much worse. The summer is officially over and school starts bright and early tomorrow. First day of school pictures to come!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Calling in the big guns...

 Despite the large numbers of hobo spiders we've killed, they're REPRODUCING anyway!! This week we didn't find many more full grown spiders but tiny little babies have started getting stuck in the traps. Not only that, but some spiders are finding ways to escape!! I watched a huge one get stuck last Monday only to wake up Tuesday morning and it was gone (and probably going to kill us now that it knows we tried to trap it). These traps aren't so great now that I know spiders can unstick themselves if they have enough motivation. So tomorrow, I'm buying some heavy duty bug spray and drowning our house in it. There will be no more posts on spiders because they will be non-existent...hopefully.

 There are two baby spiders here. Oh, we caught a centipede too. I might as well live in the jungle!

In the meantime, while our house was being infested with bugs, I spent the entire week at my mom's house sick as can be. Since Josh was at work all week, I reverted back to child-mode and let my mom take care of me so that I was better for this:

CAMPING!! Ok, according to Josh, camping in a trailer in an RV park isn't "camping" but I LOVE it. Some of my best childhood memories were spent in and around a motorhome so I was so excited to do my kind of camping! I was still coughing a little bit while we were there but I was determined to go with Josh's family.

Once the bugs showed up, we really felt at home. Josh got a hold of a bug zapper and covered our bed with burned bugs. He's such a romancer.

 After a long night (those trailers aren't as comfortable as I remember them being as a kid haha) we spent our entire Saturday at Seven Peaks in Provo.

 Us, being our usual genius-selves, didn't think about the fact that this was the last Saturday before grade schools start back up. Needless to say, it was PACKED. Despite the long lines, we had a great day anyway. 

 Spending the day at the water park made me miss this little beauty from my childhood :(

 Maybe it was because I was young and everything seemed fun then, but I have yet to go to a water park where I have a better time than I always did at Wet'n'Wild growing up. I think the only thing that is going to cure the reminiscing is if Josh and I move after graduation to a town close to a water park with a water coaster. I've always wanted to go on one :)

 After spending the weekend eating out and walking around in our swimsuits all day, Josh and I have decided to break some bad habits we have fallen into. Once school starts, we are determined to start eating better and take advantage of our free on-campus gym access...luckily for us, school doesn't start for one more week :D

 When we got home, I was checking my email and Josh disappeared into the other room. I noticed him walking in and out a few times but didn't really think anything of it. Suddenly, things seemed really quiet and it made me think of when parents of toddlers say they know their child is up to no good when they haven't heard them in a few minutes. I go to see what he is doing and find this:

 That would be Josh's shelf in the medicine cabinet propped up by twenty-one cents haha. I guess it had been wiggling so he took it upon himself to be Mister Fix-it. Gotta love our ghetto home haha.

Finally, we ended our week with our date from The Date Jar. "Take a dog on a walk together." Luckily, my mom is the proud owner of my favorite dog in the world, OLIVER!! Josh gets frustrated because I speak to him and Oliver in the same I-love-you-so-much tone :) I can't help that they're both stinking cute. So Oliver got to date night with us and we went for a walk around the block and down by the river. The poor little guy was about ready to die when we got out of the ninety something degree heat.

 This week is our last week of Summer and then it is back to the school grind :( That only gives me one more week to happily annoy this cute face before I'm too busy studying to drive him nuts...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Spider Traps!!

I've realized that I've fallen back into the habit of forgetting my camera when I go places. Maybe Josh's camera was just easier to remember than mine, but since his has been washed, I've been forgetting to document our life again!! I vow to try and get back into the swing of things this week. In the meantime, here is what I DID manage to capture:

It turns out Josh and I are famous. So famous, in fact, that we ended up on the USU ropes course open house poster. This got sent around to remind everyone to come down and try out the course. I took a look and there we were representing couples retreat! I know it isn't actually that big of a deal seeing as I work there, but I still thought it was fun. Surprisingly, I haven't been bombarded with fans asking for my autograph yet. Maybe that comes later on? ;)

 Thursday night I went with my mom to the rodeo (and of course didn't bring my camera). It was her first rodeo and we had lots of fun. Mutton Busting is by far my favorite part of the entire thing. I hope we live near a rodeo town when I have kids so that they can ride sheep around haha. Saturday, Josh was back from Ogden so we went back to the rodeo but just for the fair. The cotton candy guy liked his job a little too much and gave us these huge bad boys! We ate every bite guiltlessly..

We then looked at all of the prize winning animals. I felt like I had walked right into Charlotte's Web

 Found Wilbur!!!
 Before we left, I decided I wanted to ride the ferris wheel. So we waited in a huge line and paid WAY too much to ride the rink-dink thing. Once it started going, I remembered that carnival ferris wheels are the scariest things on the planet. The entire time all I could do was picture us falling to our deaths...

This was before we had gone very high. Still feeling pretty comfortable...
 Josh cool as a cucumber (he confessed later that it freaks him out too)
 Me a little more obvious in my panic...never again

Luckily we survived and got to deal with this today:
 Yup...that would be our laundry room with WAAAY too much water on the floor. Anything we do such as: shower, flush the toilet, wash the dishes, or do a load of laundry, results in more water on the floor in there.  You can't really tell but there is a handy little drain on the floor. I had never really noticed it before until it started doing the opposite of what it's supposed to be doing. Luckily, our landlord is sending in the plumber tomorrow. yuck...


Ok, so it wasn't as horrible as I thought it was going to be. We didn't have nearly as many as my coworker found in his place but we definitely caught a few. The day after we set them up, I picked up a trap to see if we got anything. There was one lone spider in there but it scared me so bad I dropped it. This freaked me out more but luckily he stayed stuck in there. After that, I didn't check them again until it was time to take pictures tonight. I put a dime in a couple of them for size reference...I swear they're bigger in person than they look.

Living room count: 4

Pantry: 3...this trap really freaks me out. I was hoping this one would stay empty because I've been joking around with Josh that there are spiders hiding in the cereal. Now I'm pretty convinced there might be. The one on the left is on the verge of being a freaking tarantula!.
 Bedroom: 3 The one on the left is responsible for the web on the other half of the trap. He was pretty much taunting us until we coaxed him into there. Stupid thing...

 Surprisingly enough, the trap that we set up outside by our front door didn't catch a single spider. I don't really understand that but I don't really care either. As long as the spiders that manage to get inside are stuck, I'm happy. I'm leaving the traps out for another week to see if we can double the count! If you're looking for something to do this week, I HIGHLY recommend these babies. They're only 5 dollars for four traps at home depot and they're a gift that keeps on giving! 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I really hate spiders...

 This week started off pretty great. My mom and I bought stuff to make salads in Mason Jars. She is pretty obsessed with putting food in jars and pinterest doesn't help much. We decided to make some filled with fruit and granola, some with asian chicken salad, and another that we kind of made up with green beans, potatoes, chicken, and other "dinner" type foods.

They ended up being DELICIOUS!! They were fun and easy to make and made for a great picnic dish for Josh and me. Unfortunately, as we were cleaning up from this picnic Josh put the camera in his pocket to help me hold things. The next day he left for work and I did the laundry. (I'm sure you can see where this is going) I'm singing along happily to pandora and look into the washerl and this is what I see. (One of these things definitely doesn't belong in there)
Whoops....! So I texted Josh apologizing and feeling really stupid. Luckily, it takes a lot more than this to make him mad and he reminded me that he loves me more than the camera. So now he's camera-less and I'm back to only using mine. I guess that makes getting him a birthday present a little easier on myself.

 The rest of the week went by pretty quickly. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law came up with a group to the ropes course so I got paid to spend the day with them which was fun. I have no pictures unfortunately of Megan (my sister-in-law) beating a boy at a rock climbing race but it was pretty awesome!

 Finally, Saturday rolled around and Josh is off work until Monday so I get him all to myself for a whole day :) When he's home I feel obligated to actually cook so today I decided to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes. While the meatloaf was in the oven, we sat in the backyard on the swing and looked through our little struggling garden. Most of it is dead from this freak heat wave that has taken over Utah but among the wilting, we found this survivor.
 **side note, that bag of bread is from Old Grist Mill. It is a random assortment of their bread that was cut weird or the end of the loaf. You get that huge bag for 80 cents with tax!! Great deal if you aren't picky about your bread, or in this case need some bread crumbs for meatloaf.**

We were guessing the mystery vegetable was a zucchini but we weren't really sure. We picked it anyway, washed it and put it in the steamer to see what happened. It turns out it WAS a zucchini and it was quite delicious with our little dinner. The squash should be ready next week and I found a little green pepper growing too that looks almost ready. The people who used to live here planted the garden so we don't really know what is growing but I love having it. Once we live somewhere a little more permanent, I'd love to have a garden. I just need to get a little better at remembering to water it haha.

 Yummy Dinner!!!

Our latest edition to our house are these spider traps. They're basically a tube filled with super sticky scented glue inside that attracts spiders inside until they're stuck.

 We have seen a few more huge spiders in our house and it is really starting to freak me out. One of my coworkers, who lives about a block away from us, put up this picture of what his spider trap looked like.

It turns out the huge spiders are freaking HOBO SPIDERS!! They come out in northern Utah in late July and stick around until October. So we took a trip to Home Depot and bought them. They're stationed all around our house and in front of our front door. I'm not going to touch them until next Sunday and we will see what we catch...hopefully a ton so they stop popping up on our floors...wish me luck!! I'll be holding down the Hobo Spider fort all by myself this week :/