Sunday, September 30, 2012

Birthday Boy

 This week Josh turned the big 24! He was a wee lad of 19 when we met and now he's an OLD MAN! To celebrate his oldness, we went to El Torro Viejo. I'm not a huge fan of mexican food but I was willing to go wherever the birthday boy old man wanted to go. Josh's mom and older brother came up to celebrate too. Luckily his mom was there because I, being the camera-forgetter that I am, wouldn't have been able to capture this moment without her
 Best embarrassing moment...EVER!

 The dessert made it worth it if the hat didn't!
 I was planning on posting a picture of his magnificent birthday cake but it didn't work out like I had pictured it in my head so I spared you all the eye-sore by NOT posting pictures. 

While Josh has been aging, so have my caterpillars!!! It has been soooo interesting to watch!

First, they grew to be HUGE! They managed to eat to the bottom of their food container.

 Then, on Friday morning I woke up to some hanging while the others bumped into them all day long

 As they hang, under their skin they grow their chrysalis which bursts their skin apart in about two minutes so they go from looking like the hanging guy on the left to the blob on the right. Josh and I saw it happen...TWICE. (By now, you're thinking that I'm a mega-nerd. I don't know why this is just as cool to me now as it was when I was in kindergarten haha)

 By Saturday, all six were hanging and ready to go! When I had this kit as a kid, only two lived to this stage so I'm feeling pretty motherly about it :D

 Once they all started looking like Metapod:

 we got to move them into the butterfly cage. I was afraid they were going to fall off but they survived it! (wonderful photography by Josh)

 Hopefully by next week's post, we will have six happy butterflies in our house :D

 While the last of the caterpillars were turning into teenagers, Josh and I went to TRUE AGGIE NIGHT! Yup, I stayed awake (barely) and we got a great spot in line. The people in front of us had been waiting for two and a half hours. We waited about forty-five minutes for our #3 spot.

We were freezing sitting on the ground but less than a half hour after we showed up there was about 200 people behind us in line so we had great timing! I was hoping we would have picture proof of the kiss by the time I finished this post but no such was way too hectic to get a picture taken on my own camera (I would've never seen it again) so I'll have to wait until USU posts the pictures for my proof.

 Saturday was the White-Out homecoming game against UNLV. I hadn't been to a football game since my freshman year (not a huge fan) but the difference in the crowd was unbelievable. In 2008, barely anyone went to the games because we weren't very good. Now that we have a new coach, the stadium gets PACKED!

We had lots of fun and made it through all but the last ten minutes of the game

 where we snuck back to the car and got some of this!

We had to finish the weekend with some junk food because Josh and I both have two tests on Monday and had no life today so we could study 
(can you sense my procrastination?)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bugs, med school, and the world wide web

I have a feeling our Jungle Date class just used leaves the first week to give me a false sense of security. This class is going to be mostly bug focused I'm starting to think. This week's "date": water bugs. Luckily, I have this fine man to do most of the work for me:

Love the boots? Yeah, so did he. It was like a little boy getting his first pair of cowboy boots. He even had a swagger to go with it. I didn't mind though, because these boots enabled him to do most of the dirty work and all I had to do was hold the pan that separated the bugs he caught. Maybe I'll get him a pair of these boots for his birthday this week?

...or maybe not...

We have a test in Jungle Date class this week so there will be no pictures of our adventures, but it is HOMECOMING WEEK!! The most exciting part is I'm finally doing the whole "True Aggie" thing. (I know, I'm a procrastinator) For those who don't know what a true aggie is, basically you stand on top of the famous Aggie "A" at midnight during a full moon/homecoming, kiss your husband/boyfriend/friend/perfect stranger and POOF! you're a true aggie. It's my fifth and final year of school and I still haven't participated...believe me, I know it's sad, especially because my little sister did it before me and she isn't even a student here!

I can't help that I'm a lover of sleep and midnight=way past my bedtime. There is a pretty good chance that our True Aggie picture will be of me asleep on the stairs and Josh kissing the air...we'll see.

In other news, Josh survived his first medical school interview!!!

He said it went wonderfully and UofU has moved it's way up to his number one choice (which is fine with me because I am in no rush to move away). The UofU is a prestigious medical school that is conveniently close to both of our families, but because it is so sought after, they like to be super annoying about acceptance letters. We probably won't know if he got in until MARCH!! That leaves a lot of waiting around and time for other acceptance letters to come along and make some hard decisions for us. I didn't realize that the interviewing process was an all day event. His interview-extravaganza started at 7:30 in the morning, went to 2:15 in the afternoon and then he went straight to work. That left me anxiously waiting at home. Luckily, I had these little guys to keep me company!!

"What are those?" you ask? Friggen caterpillars!! When I was a kid, I got a science kit where you order caterpillars and watch them transform into butterflies. I loved it and semi-jokingly asked for it for Christmas last year. I opened my presents and found this:

Excited doesn't begin to describe my reaction. I can't even tell you what else I got for Christmas last year haha. I had to wait until the weather was warmer so they could be mailed to me, and then I forgot about it and it was too hot for them to be mailed. So I set it up a few months ago to have them shipped mid-September so I couldn't forget. Now they're here and you're thinking I'm weird...but that's probably because you're jealous that you don't have butterflies growing in your house :D Have a little sympathy, I've been living in spider world for months and deserve some happy bug inhabitants.

I'm sorry this blogpost wasn't my most exciting, I appreciate you taking an interest in my boring-ness. Blogspot has this cool little tool that tells me what country people are reading my blog from. Obviously, most readers are from the US, and the few international readers are from countries that friends of mine live in. However, the past few weeks I've been getting several (as in 20+) readers from countries like Russia and Singapore. If I don't know you, I'm not judging. I too am a fellow blog creeper so creep away! I think it is pretty amazing that the internet has enabled us to follow lives of people across the globe. So, if you just randomly stumbled across my blog, WELCOME and read away :) Feel free to introduce yourself and tell me how you found it!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lots of Excitement in our House!!

 This post is going to be all over the place (because my life is all over the place) so just bear with me. First off is weekly pictures from my field ecology/jungle date class. Logan Canyon is unbelievably beautiful this time of year and I had to snap a picture of our "classroom".
 Unfortunately, this week's activity was not collecting leaves but GRASSHOPPERS! Now, normally I don't mind grasshoppers. I don't think they're particularly scary when they hop by me. But we were given huge nets to swipe them out of the air and paint them with white-out! So stinking creepy. I only did one so I felt like I contributed but then I left the rest up to Josh haha.

 Next on my random post is to introduce you to the third member of our family. This is Tristan:
 He was named after Tristan of Tristan and Isolde, one of my favorite movies. Since he is a stud fish, he needed a stud name.
 Now that I've distracted you with this lovely picture of James Franco as Tristan, please refer back to the picture of fish Tristan. You may notice that he is floating on his side...that's because he is. He is getting old (almost two and a half) and likes to freak me out by sleeping completely on his side and acting like he's dead. One of these days he's going to cry wolf one too many times and end up getting flushed on accident.

On to the next topic: WEEKEND! We decided to attend my first demolition derby this weekend!! The Logan Fairgrounds were lucky enough to house the two most attractive couples in all of Cache Valley.

These guys:

And, of course, us:

 The derby was soooo much fun but I couldn't help thinking what a strange form of entertainment this really is.

Before it started, we each picked a car to represent "us"...this big boy was Brynne :)

 It's a good thing she's such a good sport, because "she" did awful in both heats of the derby haha.

After the derby, we treated ourselves to our free mini-monster we won earlier this month at Pizza Pie Cafe. It was DELISH!
 But not as delicious as Hello Kitty on your toast with your eggs, which was what we ate earlier today. I have an amazing toaster that does this to every happy little slice.

 Moving right along...hope you're keeping up...Josh and I decided we needed more altruism in our lives. So, we decided to join the bone marrow donor list.  We filled out the online application and they mailed us our DNA test a few days later. All it takes are a few q-tip swabs of the cheek and we are added to the list to possibly save someone's life one day! We will be on the list until our forties :)

Our test waiting to be completed:

 Swabbing like a pro!


 And they're off!!

 If you're interested in educating yourself on what joining the list entails, you can read all about it here:

Finally, our very exciting news! Josh got his first MEDICAL SCHOOL INTERVIEW!!! It's at none other than the University of Utah (yay for not having to pay for flights and hotels just yet). He will be interviewed THIS FRIDAY! Keep your fingers crossed for him!

When he read the email, I whipped out the camera to take a picture...he thinks I'm kind of psycho...

But in the end I got him to show his excitement while holding the computer monitor (since they don't believe in sending letters anymore)

 YAAAAY JOSH!!! Hopefully this will end up being one of many acceptances :D

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Too excited to sleep!

 So school is trudging along slowly but surely. Our classes are a bit more work than expected but overall, we are surviving. One of the classes Josh and I need to take to graduate is called Field Ecology. Basically, we take a bus into different canyons around the valley and do statistical experiments on the bushes and trees. I pretty much see it as a fun excuse for a date in nature together haha.
Once it gets cold, I won't be nearly as smiley but for now, its great!

 I have a funny story about the shirt Josh has on in the above (and below) picture. I had seen him wear it a few times but have never really paid any attention to it. I just thought it was a tree in winter with the moon behind it. Then, after we got back from our Jungle Date, I was talking to him and the tree trunk caught my attention. It looked an awful lot like a human spine. I leaned in closer and realized what I thought was the moon is actually a skull. My husband looks like an emo child!! He started laughing that I had never noticed how incredibly creepy the shirt was. I had walked around all day with him in his evil I-hate-my-life shirt! Needless to say, that shirt has moved on to bigger and better things (like meeting a dumpster-diving homeless man).

 Seriously...what is that crap? There are even little kidney looking things hanging from the branches! ugh...

Living the super eventful life that we do, that was basically the most exciting thing that happened with my week. So I decided to make a small update on my blog. See the lovely little countdown in the top right corner? That would be the countdown to our family cruise next summer!! Josh and I went on a cruise to Mexico for our honeymoon in June:
 We had a lot of fun but we had both done Mexico cruises before so we decided this coming summer we would do something new. Since my brother is graduating law school, Josh and I are graduating from USU, my sister is finishing cosmetology school, and the rest of my family just loves to travel, we will be celebrating by cruising out of PUERTO RICO!! It is going to be such a great trip and I'm already driving everybody nuts about it even though it is over eight months away. To help vent my excitement, I created that little countdown so I could slowly watch cartoon Josh and me take small steps closer to the beach!! My equally excited sister-in-law gave me the idea when she put a similar countdown on her blog. You know it's going to be beautiful when one of the ports we stop at is where they filmed the honeymoon of these people:


 I'm pretty stinking excited and I think it is the ONLY thing getting me through this last grueling school year! Until that lovely day in May comes, I just have to take it one day at a time...and enjoy our homemade chicken and vegetable soup tonight :)