Sunday, September 9, 2012

Too excited to sleep!

 So school is trudging along slowly but surely. Our classes are a bit more work than expected but overall, we are surviving. One of the classes Josh and I need to take to graduate is called Field Ecology. Basically, we take a bus into different canyons around the valley and do statistical experiments on the bushes and trees. I pretty much see it as a fun excuse for a date in nature together haha.
Once it gets cold, I won't be nearly as smiley but for now, its great!

 I have a funny story about the shirt Josh has on in the above (and below) picture. I had seen him wear it a few times but have never really paid any attention to it. I just thought it was a tree in winter with the moon behind it. Then, after we got back from our Jungle Date, I was talking to him and the tree trunk caught my attention. It looked an awful lot like a human spine. I leaned in closer and realized what I thought was the moon is actually a skull. My husband looks like an emo child!! He started laughing that I had never noticed how incredibly creepy the shirt was. I had walked around all day with him in his evil I-hate-my-life shirt! Needless to say, that shirt has moved on to bigger and better things (like meeting a dumpster-diving homeless man).

 Seriously...what is that crap? There are even little kidney looking things hanging from the branches! ugh...

Living the super eventful life that we do, that was basically the most exciting thing that happened with my week. So I decided to make a small update on my blog. See the lovely little countdown in the top right corner? That would be the countdown to our family cruise next summer!! Josh and I went on a cruise to Mexico for our honeymoon in June:
 We had a lot of fun but we had both done Mexico cruises before so we decided this coming summer we would do something new. Since my brother is graduating law school, Josh and I are graduating from USU, my sister is finishing cosmetology school, and the rest of my family just loves to travel, we will be celebrating by cruising out of PUERTO RICO!! It is going to be such a great trip and I'm already driving everybody nuts about it even though it is over eight months away. To help vent my excitement, I created that little countdown so I could slowly watch cartoon Josh and me take small steps closer to the beach!! My equally excited sister-in-law gave me the idea when she put a similar countdown on her blog. You know it's going to be beautiful when one of the ports we stop at is where they filmed the honeymoon of these people:


 I'm pretty stinking excited and I think it is the ONLY thing getting me through this last grueling school year! Until that lovely day in May comes, I just have to take it one day at a time...and enjoy our homemade chicken and vegetable soup tonight :)

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