Saturday, October 27, 2012


I wish this was a post announcing that we are going to Disneyland but alas, it is far more serious and much less fun than that. Over the summer I had a friend spend the night while Josh was working in Ogden. While we were sleeping, I woke up to hear the tiniest little footprints scuttling around on the wood floor. It only lasted for a second so I wasn't sure if I had dreamed it. I brushed it off and went back to sleep. Fast forward to earlier this week and I was making the most wonderful smelling roast ever.
 (It's a Dr. Pepper roast that is sooo yummy and was super easy, you can find the recipe HERE)

Our house smelled delicious by the time it was delicious that our little mouse friend decided to come out of the wall and take a whiff! Josh saw him for a split second before he ran away again. Instantly, Josh's alpha-man kicked in and he was ready to buy a trap to kill it. After lots of begging, he agreed to give me two weeks and ten dollars to find a nice way to catch him before the death traps came out. After consulting with my best friend (who I knew would be on my side), we decided to name him Winston and found this great trap for four dollars:

Basically, its a teeter-totter. As the mouse walks in to the get the peanut butter on the far side, the tube tips which shuts the door to the entrance. No harm done and he gets a nice snack while he waits.

 So I set it up before we went to bed around 11 and at 2:30 on the dot, Josh and I woke up to it clicking shut.

We were so surprised how fast this baby worked. Winston was trapped so Josh was happy, and he was alive so I was happy. We left him there to deal with in the morning but he was teetering the trap back and forth every few seconds so I gave him a bit of light reading to hold the trap still.
The title is ironically fitting haha.

The next day, after I got back from school, I told my little brother I caught a mouse (he loves catching critters) and he brought his little cage so we could get a good look at Winston.
And here he is!!
The little guy loves Dill Pickle flavored potato chips, cheese-its, and dog food haha. So we watched him run around for a little bit before releasing him into the wild far far away from my house. We reset the trap to see if there are any others but it's been a few days and nothing has happened so I think Winston had the house claimed to himself.

Hopefully he is doing alright in the wild because I woke up for school a few days ago to find this:
While I have no problem with the snow, I am sad to see the orange leaves be covered up.

Although Winston has to fend for himself in the woods now, the butterflies are happy as can be sipping on orange juice and water soaked paper towels in the comfort of our warm house. If you look closely, you can see their probiscus sucking up the water and juice. I love these little guys!

** Lastly, I wanted to tell you about a girl I went to high school with named Annie Lippitt. While I wasn't directly friends with her, I knew who she was. Almost every student at my school knew who she was. Not only was she out-of-this-world beautiful, she had the kindest, sweetest personality to go with it. Two weeks ago, while her and her siblings were driving back to Vegas from SUU, they were involved in a very serious accident.

Her two younger siblings walked away with little injury but Annie was badly injured when her seat collided with the back of a semi. She remains in a coma and was recently diagnosed as in a "persistant vegitative state." From what I've learned in school about PVS, Annie has a LONG uncertain journey in front of her. Thousands have come forward offering prayers and support for Annie and her family but I thought I'd spread the word a little farther (you can never have too many people praying for someone). Feel free to follow her facebook page for daily updates on her progress.**

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I was so determined to not miss a single weekly blogpost and I failed :( Luckily, I have one legitimate excuse and one semi-decent excuse. Semi-decent excuse: Walking Dead Season Premier.

To be perfectly honest, I HATE the zombie craze that has been stubbornly sticking around the past few years. I think it's annoying, stupid, and frankly, really creepy. That being said, I have to admit that I LOVE this show!! I don't really know what it is, but I can't help but watch it. Josh and I came across it on Netflix and were watching an episode a day. We finished the second season last week only to find out that season three started Sunday! Unfortunately, it comes on during blogging time so last week I ran into a dilemma (I bet you can guess which one I picked).

My much better excuse: my laptop stopped working. Just like that. One minute it was working slowly but surely, the next, the screen went black with a little white blinking underscore. Every time I turn it on it goes back to that black screen. According to google, I have to have some disk and download a recovery program from Windows 7. Seeing as my laptop is in its fifth year of life, I have NO CLUE where that disk is. If any computer wizzes out there know of a magical string of keys to push to make it go away, that would be great. Since I can't plug my memory card into Josh's computer, I had to dig around for my camera cord that plugs into the USB which took a while. So that's why I didn't sneak this post in earlier in the week and hope nobody noticed.

So, until Walkind Dead is over (at least), blog posts will now be a Saturday event :)

Even with a missed blog post, I still don't have much to talk about. Jungle Date class in the fall is quickly loosing its fun. This past Tuesday it was cloudy all day but conveniently POURED RAIN only for the three hours we were in the "jungle." I wish these pictures did the weather justice, cameras just can never quite capture the rain.
I didn't think to take an aftermath picture of us, but don't worry. This week its supposed to storm all over again so maybe there will be a I-look-like-I-went-swimming-with-my-clothes-on picture to come.

Before the storms came, Oliver (my mom's dog) and I participated in the Sweat For A Pet 1-mile walk over the weekend. Brynne came along too but she managed to sneak out of pictures so there is no proof of her. We dressed Oliver up in a cute sweater so he could be more stylin' than the other dogs:

 For some strange reason, he hates wearing clothes so he spent most of the walk naked :(

 He's a little bit on the I'm-afraid-of-everything side so we walked towards the back so he didn't have a panic attack.
 Once he got the hang of it, he loved it. He got a bag of treats and we helped the humane center raise some much needed funds for more rescue dogs like Oliver.

 When we got back from walking, I got some pumpkins for Josh and I to carve. Look how cute they look on the steps to our front door!
 I was always sad that Las Vegas never looked like I pictured October to look. I wanted to live in a place that looked like Hocus Pocus:
Their Halloween always seemed much more fun than mine

and when I moved to Logan, that first October I was so excited to see that it gets pretty dang close to looking like Salem!

The best part about autumn in a farming town? Corn Mazes!! Every year, Josh and I go through the same haunted corn maze. They scare me and stress me out but I still love them.
We had this creepy girl walking around the stalks off of the path singing "Ring around the rosy" so sweetly. She followed us for a good five minutes and it was the creepiest thing I have ever heard.

This girl peed her joke...
yeah, we take creeper pictures....we know haha

We eased our nerves by finishing up Josh's Coldstone birthday giftcard (little does he know, I have Ben and Jerry's ice cream hidden in our freezer right now haha)

This weekend we will be seeing Paranormal Activity 4 and will probably need a lot more than ice cream to calm me down. We probably have a week of sleeping with the lights on in our near future. Have I mentioned I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR?!?

**Butterfly Update**
They're still alive and fluttering around. I feel bad that it is too cold to set them free, I should've thought about that before I ordered them. To make up for it, I've been giving them strawberry juice every day that they go crazy for so maybe they don't hate me too much. The best part about having pet butterflies?? I get to hold them whenever I want :)

Feel free to come over if you want to hold some butterflies :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall has...fallen...

  Yup, autumn is in the air in Logan and I feel like I'm surrounded by one giant post card. For example, look at this picture I took of the walk home from the bus stop today:

 Since it won't be long until everything is covered with snow, I have been taking full advantage of crushing every crunchy leaf I pass on the way to/from school.

Our jungle date class gets us right in the middle of all of the fall colors
Last week:


 This Week:


 Unfortunately, with the colors comes the cold. This past weekend Josh and I went to Lagoon to use a free ticket he won the first week of school. When we left it was freeeeeeeezing (his car is in centigrade but was cooooold!)

 So what did we do? Get frozen Starbucks drinks for the car ride of course!


For some reason, not long after I turned 19, rides started making me REALLY motion sick. This was a huge bummer to me because I LOVE roller coasters! So, as we left for Lagoon, I took some dramamine hoping it would stop the sickness and it did!! For the first time in years, I actually got to enjoy the entire day of rides without wanting to die in the middle!

 oh...and we had lunch with a big deal...

We got home late on Sunday so I wasn't up for blogging (hence the late post). Although, I had another reason for delaying my post...the butterflies. During the week, a cold front came through Logan and dropped the high from 80 to 60 degrees in one day. The day the cold came, we woke up to a very cold house and the poor chrysalis's wouldn't move anymore when I touched the net. I was afraid they had died and as the week went on they still wouldn't even twitch. I felt more and more guilty for not keeping the house warm enough. As day 9 of 10 maximum changing days rolled around (blogging day) there wasn't the slightest sign of any change with them. I knew my brother was going to have a hay day with this because he still won't drop the one time in eighth grade that my hamster died because it had a broken back. Monday morning I woke up to find this beauty!!
 It was alive and well and ready to eat orange slices I put in there. I checked on the other chrysalis's and some were starting to turn clear and I could see the butterfly wings inside! I was so excited that I woke Josh up :D (he's stuck with me forever so no regrets there)
 When I got home from school today, there was only one still waiting to come out.

 And as I was making dinner, I got to witness the only one of six being "born". This picture is literally seconds after he broke free!

So now I have 6 happy, fluttering butterflies to keep me company while I blog. And I don't have to finish this post feeling like a butterfly murderer :D