Saturday, November 24, 2012

I Blame the Holidays....

Well, it happened again. Time got away from me and I missed a blogpost. Hopefully I'll make up for it with the following story:

I decided I wanted to make my tree skirt this year after a great step-by-step no-sew guide I found on pinterest. In order to do it, I needed better scissors that could cut fabric than the ones we had at home. We went to the store and I found perfect scissors for $8. We decided to wander around the store a little bit and came across the TV's. Josh has been begging for a better TV for several years but I always talk him into waiting a little while longer. This time, I got sucked into feeling like we need a bigger, better TV too. So, about forty minutes later, we came walking out of the store with my new scissors...and this bad boy:

 (that is one expensive pair of scissors...)
But Josh was sooo happy so how could I feel guilty? As soon as we came in the door we said goodbye to this:

and hello to this:

I will say, Titanic will look NIIIIIICE on this tv :) Can't wait!

Now, back to the tree skirt that we got the scissors for. I knew I wanted a grey and red skirt but couldnt find any that I liked. Then, one wonderful day, I came across this link and it was exactly what I was looking for.

Pinned Image
 Stinking gorgeous, I know...

So I called Brynne-the-crafting-spectacular over and we got to work. For some strange reason, when I cute the canvas for the bottom, it turned out like a giant Girl Scout cookie...

Don't really know what happened there but we decided to roll with it and put red ribbon at each of the points, hiding the seams and adding more color!

After many hours of ruffling, I was finally finished and had about 3 inches of a 2 inch strip of fabric to spare. Talk about cutting it close... BUT I LOVE THIS SKIRT!! For $20 and a few hours, I got exactly what I needed to pull my whole grey and red theme together :)
It looks soooo pretty in person and it makes me happier than the TV made Josh (which is pretty dang happy!) Part of what made me more happy is that we saved a $50 Lowes giftcard that we got for our wedding so we could put it towards a Christmas tree. We waited until Black Friday and got it for a grand total of $6 out of pocket (including some grey wrapping paper to match).
Prior to our Black Friday madness, we spent Thanksgiving with Josh's grandparents and 48 extended family members this year. I didn't manage to take any pictures there except for Josh and his brother Jason getting ready to leave to run the Cold Turkey 6K in Salt Lake. I got out of it this year and helped his grandma cook food (which was ten thousand times less exhausting and one million times more fun)
After a day with lots of Josh's aunts, uncles, and adorable cousins, we went back to my mom's house for dessert and THANKSGIVING POPPERS!
(if you think we look tired here, you should've seen us when we got back from midnight shopping)
The turkey coma was worth it though, because we got these great tiny pilgrim hats in the poppers!

 Finally, my little sister Cassidy's hair school was doing this event where you bring a can of food in to donate to the Cache Valley Food Pantry and you can have a free pedicure. So Josh got his first pedicure! haha
 and my poor sister had to rub my feet like a little Cinderella :)
 (She loved it)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Studying is for squares...

We voted!
This little reminder has been on our whiteboard for two months now but the day finally came for us to perform our civil duty!

We barely made it in time (about an hour before polls closed) because we had class. By the time we got to my mom's and turned on the tv, Utah had already announced the winner of their electoral votes. I guess it wasn't much of a huge shocker but at least we did our part!

I also managed to get the house decorated for Thanksgiving...

Yup, that is the extent of the decorations haha. But Christmas is coming and I've already been stocking up. The day after Thanksgiving it's going to look like Christmas exploded in our tiny house and I can't wait! (Even my blog is getting into the Christmas spirit. I decided it should be all red and grey to match my Christmas ornaments I picked out!)

One of my favorite places to go at Christmas time is DISNEYLAND!! I've been bothering Josh to go for months (literally) and have gotten more and more persistant in my begging. For example, here are the rolls we had with dinner a few nights ago:

Best part? IT WORKED!! As of right now, we are in the midst of planning a Disneyland trip with our friends once finals are over and I can't wait!

Unfortunately, I can't think about all of the fun we will have at Disneyland right now because I have three big tests this week. I am so burned out and have been having major trouble studying. Growing up with ADHD, I had a lot of trouble focusing as a kid. My grandpa was a psychiatrist and had lots of little tricks to help me focus. My favorite one was to write a note to myself saying what I needed to get done so that it was me telling myself what to do instead of my parents. I was getting desperate as facebook started looking more and more appealing so I reverted back to my childhood and made this little beauty:
It did the trick. Every time I gave up and went to find anything to do on the computer, it popped up and reminded me I should be making notecards instead. I had every notecard finished by 5:00! So next time you're studying and want to die, try it!

That's pretty much all I have to report this week. In the meantime, feel free to look at how stinking pretty all of the snow we've gotten in Utah the last few days is! :)

I took this pictures at my in-laws today. Hunstville definitely belongs on a postcard.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


 First off, I would like to share this picture of the latest spider found in our humble home:

That was as close as I dared to put my hand haha. For the most part, our home has been spider free. The spider traps we set up did a fantastic job. But every once in a while, a beast like this shows up to ruin my false sense of security. We bought some fresh traps a few days ago since the old ones were disgustingly full but the new ones haven't caught much so I'm thinking this one was just smart enough to hide out the past few months.

...without these traps, I have a feeling my house would look like a scene from Harry Potter...

 Speaking of Harry Potter, this past week was Halloween and I was so excited to watch trick or treaters. Our spooky day started out with a Halloween party at my work. My team is made up of four hard working ladies so we decided to be Minions from Despicable Me since we are the minions of the conference center.

Here they are:

 and here we are:


We won the "Funniest Costume" big deal....  


 Josh was a bit more subtle about his costume

but as cute as he is, there was nobody there as cute as this little cowboy:

Cade is the son of one of the men I work with and was so darling I could hardly stand it. To truly appreciate how awesome this little boy is, you have to see him in action:

He's barely a year old and already a better dancer than I am...

After the party, I went to my mom's to see all the cute kids' costumes. Since we weren't going to be at home, I brought mine and Josh's pumpkins to my mom's. Josh and I had great coordinating pumpkins that were going to look so awesome together. My little brother gave us the idea to do Portal pumpkins. If you haven't seen/played the game, it wont make much sense but here is a picture of what we were going for:

My pumpkin was going to be the guy going in and Josh's was the guy coming out.

Here is my pumpkin: (I know my guy is a little on the chubby side)

yeah...I know...I'm not the best artist...Josh's turned out GREAT though!! It looked exactly like it was supposed to...until I dropped it on the concrete as I took it out of the car:

 So our pumpkins were kind of a mess. Not that it really mattered. My mom, sister, and I set up the fire pit to wait for trick or treaters while Josh finished up working.

 We got all situated and waited...and waited...and waited...

Not a single child ANYWHERE!! That was our view...all night! Not a single trick or treater in our whole neighborhood. When I went to work the next day, almost everybody there said the same thing happened to them. I don't understand it, is trick or treating a dying sport?? :(

After a disappointing Halloween night, I was excited to go out of town with my mom for the weekend. Not only did we devour Ikea and get all of my Christmas tree ornaments, but we got to go to my cousin's hockey game. He plays for the Seatle Totems and is in Utah for the next week so we actually get a chance to watch. During his game he got thrown down onto the ice and split his nasty elbow open.

 Luckily, Dr. Taylor SAVED THE DAY!

My wonderful masterpiece survived his game the next day too! Maybe I'll just drop out of school and become a hockey trainer!