Friday, December 28, 2012

Just so I can say I posted in December

Well...I'm thinking I might have to change this blog into "The Monthly Kamerath" seeing as I'm officially the worst blogger in existance. Luckily, our lives have been pretty uneventful lately so all stalkers, do not fret, you haven't missed much.

We finished up our last Fall semester of undergrad and both had excellent grades to show for it :) One of the best things I learned this year was in human dissection. I officially know how to do four different kinds of stitches. So, if you have any deep gushing wounds, don't bother going to a hospital, I can do it for you!

As a reward for having rocked this semester, we are going with Josh's entire family to DISNEY WORLD!!! That's right, we will be spending an entire week in Florida starting January 1st so I can have my MICKEY AND HARRY POTTER fix!! I am so excited, I have had trouble sleeping for weeks (that is not an exaggeration).


Also in the month of December, Josh and I celebrated our first Christmas and our first Chanukah (I know, our kids will be culturally confused/enriched)


Once Christmas was over, I was dreading putting away the Christmas tree. It is always the worst part of December and it NEVER wants to fit back into its tiny little box. So today I finally decided it had to be delt with. Josh and I got to work and ten minutes later we had this masterpiece.

That's right. I've never seen it done in real life before but it actually fit in the box!! It was a Christmas miracle for sure.

Lastly, I would like to share this picture that is an example of an every day event in our house. Josh has decided it takes too long to eat an otterpop so he melts them in hot water in the sink while he drinks it. It's pretty amusing to watch and he doesn't find it weird at all. So feel free to see how "not-weird" this is....

 Oh, my last-lastly, we had a tiny death in our family on Christmas. My very last butterfly (that I got in September) finally went to the giant flower field in the sky. Please observe a moment of silence for this little guy who somehow found the fountain of youth and had more than double the lifespan of a regular butterfly.