Saturday, January 12, 2013

Disney Vacation!!

 Well, it actually happened. I kept waiting for someone to tell me it was all a cruel joke but I finally fed my Disney addiction! Josh's family and I spent the first of the week of the year in toasty Florida while my family dealt with this:

 That doesn't even do the cold that moved through Logan justice while we were gone. However, we did get rained on for a lot of the trip. I didn't care though, I was just happy to be there!

These next two pictures I thought were pretty funny. They are two separate attempts to take a picture facing the sun. Megan and I were fine with it (because we see our blinding beauty every day obviously) but the boys really struggled.

  Josh pretended to be unhappy but he actually like the Mickey Ears.

 ...told ya...

 In the midst of all of the rain, we still decided to go on the water rides. We tried to take a before and after picture to document out soaked-ness but it didn't work out that great. Please try to ignore Mark's (far right) over excitedness.


Animal Kingdom is one of my very favorite parts of Disney World. It has a GREAT safari ride that lets you get sooooo close to the animals!!


One of the benefits of staying in the Disney Resort is that we got a meal plan that gave us the opportunity to eat at places we never would've tried. One night, Josh and I ate at the German restaurant in Epcot. Soooo much fun!!

 I was a little bit afraid of German food because I'm nowhere near as adventurous in that area as Josh is but it was actually pretty good!

It's a good thing we were doing a lot of walking because we ate unbelievable amounts of junk food.
 It was worth it.

Nothing gets me more motion sick than spinning so this wasn't very well thought out. I was fine after round one but I forgot to bring my camera so we had to go for round two. Once we got off the ride, I was definitely feeling it. Luckily, it was the end of the night.

 Originally, when we started looking into planning a Disney trip, I really wanted to go before Christmas because the decorations are always great. Going on January 2, I thought we had missed it but, as it turns out, Christmas stays until January 6th in Disney World! Horrraaaaay!

 After we were all Disney-ed out, we spent three days in Universal Studios. That meant HARRY POTTER WORLD!! I wasn't very good with my camera during Universal so I only have pictures to prove I had:



These were both must-do's for me, but I got a bucket list item crossed off while we were in Universal Studios too.


 My scanner wouldn't scan the whole thing BUT we got a caricature done! I've always wanted to have one of these so me and Josh got it done :D Definitely my favorite souvenir!

 Now, unfortunately, we are home and back at school. One week of our last semester is under our belt, and I have a feeling it is going to fly by. I already have a stack of homework to do but, being the queen of procrastination, I went to my brother-in-law Jon's (the one who likes to fall down stairs to get out of school) swim meet instead. I only in made it in time to watch his last heat, but him and his teammates dominated their relay! It was neck and neck throughout the race and they pulled ahead at the last second...Michael Phelps exciting!

 That's pretty much all I have. Hopefully now that I can't blame the holidays, I'll get better at blogging every week. We'll see...