Saturday, February 2, 2013

I'm NOT a Natural Juicer!

Well, it's official. I am far too confident in my improvising abilities. I got a juicer a while back and hadn't had the opportunity to try it out until a few weeks ago. My mom and I split a BOUNTIFUL BASKET that had a juicing bundle added on to it. I've always wanted to be one of those health nuts that drinks a ton of vegetables and gets up at 5 am to run every morning. Seeing as I hate running with the firey passion of a thousand suns, I decided I should put that off and start with vegies. I gathered my vegetable booty and sat down at the computer to look up some good juicing recipes. It was all too overwhelming so I had the genius idea to just go at it. If I add enough fruit, you won't be able to taste the weird things such as: ginger, beets, kale, lumpy things that I've never seen in my life, etc....right? (Wrong! Very VERY wrong!)
So, as you can see, I pulled a little bit of everything and made a mountain of soon-to-be heavenly juice. I decided that, in the fruit department, I wouldn't put the red-yellow apples that I love in there because I wanted to keep them as a snack. So instead, I put sour green apples, lemons, and an orange in the mountain. Looking back, I can see that the lack of sweetness is a dumb idea, but at the time, I was just ready to drink a great tasting juice loaded up with so many nutrients that I'd wake up glowing with healthiness. So I grabbed my knife, scary screaming juicer, and went at it!
(In a white sweatshirt nonetheless....definitely wanted to tackle every beginner mistake all at once. I left no stone unturned.)
I managed to get three huge glasses together for myself, my little brother who was partying with us at the Juice Castle (aka our house), and Josh. We raised our glasses and took a big gulp. And it was HORRIBLE! Not the horrible you get when you drink V8 instead of V8splash....this was much much worse. Josh did a pretty good job gulping it down but I couldnt handle it. I tricked my little brother into splitting it with me (on top of his own glass). I'd take a sip, gag, and pass it to him. He'd look like he was about to cry, sip, gag, and pass it back. We almost got through the glass that way but I eventually gave up. I briefly considered running to the store and getting powdered ranch to mix in there but the boys decided I was disgusting. (it seriously needed ranch though)

After that horrible experience that stayed in the back of my throat for 48 hours (not an exaggeration) I was pretty turned off of the juicing. I would walk by the huge basket of juicing ingredients and pretend I couldn't see it. I was so sad that my step towards health-nut was so short lived. After a few days, I decided to try one last time. I forced myself to look at a few recipes and work to get this right. I realized I should probably start with vegies and fruits that I already enjoy and sneak in a few TINY amounts of random things. So this was round two:

(Turns out, banana's don't really yield any juice so I don't recommend putting it in your juicer haha)

 I did stick a leaf of kale for each of our glasses and a slice of ginger but everything else I felt was pretty safe. I sent them to their doom in the screaming juicer one last time and it came out a pretty sunset orange. Much better than the deep red with green poka-dot sludge I had the first time around. We took timid sips and were rewarded with a perfectly drink-able healthy-ish drink. So, hope is NOT lost. I could definitely start my day off with this but am a little wary to try something new. If anyone has recipes that are worth trying, feel free to let me know. As for now, we are at least going to be getting little bits of nutrients in our college student diet. And I have learned a valuable lesson in being over-ambitious when it comes to taking steps in the right direction. Baby steps taste much better...