Sunday, March 17, 2013

A New Member of the Family...

No, not THAT kind of "new member!" (that picture probably gave a few family members and friends a healthy little heart attack haha) I was actually talking about this little guy:

 This fluffy orange monster has been named Wolverine because of his love of digging his claws into your arms. It all started when Josh and I were walking home from school and heard a sad meowing. Josh, of course, meowed back and this little guy came running from a few houses down the street. He then followed us to our front door,walked right in, and plopped down on the couch like he has lived here all his life.

You may not remember, but I am VERY ALLERGIC TO CATS. However, he is just so cuddly that I can't help but love him. He comes over every evening around the same time and hangs out with us until we throw him back outside when we go to bed. I wonder if his owners put him outside as a sort of punishment and this is what he is actually doing...

We try to get him to play with a laser pointer and this is what we get:

Yup, he definitely wins the Lazy Cat award.

Unfortunately, he had to go a few nights without our warm house because we were off skiing/snowboarding! My friend Melissa from back home made the drive up and we all went to Powder Mountain on a perfect day! Not only was it sunny, but they had just received six inches of fresh snow the night before!

I had only been skiing one other time in my life and lets just say it was not like riding a bike for me. It took a good hour before I wasn't falling every ten seconds. I eventually sent Josh off with his friends, because I felt guilty for slowing them down so much. Once they were gone, I became an olympic-level pro! Well, I at least could make it all the way down the run with only one or two wipe-outs haha.

Because Powder Mountain is so HUGE, Melissa and I basically had every run to ourselves!
We had so much fun and the soreness the next day was more than worth it. I wish I had taken a picture of Josh's sunburn that was only from his cheekbone down, it was beautiful!

 Since Spring Break is supposed to be a week filled with adventures, a couple days after we went skiing, my mom and I took a train trip to Denver! I have wanted to go on a long distance train ride ever since I read about the Hogwarts Express in Harry Potter! They always made it look so great!

 So this was, of course, what I was expecting when we walked up to our sleeper car. This is what we got:

That picture is the ENTIRE WIDTH of our compartment. It kind of felt like being in a closet haha. Luckily, once we reclined the seats into beds, it was much more comfortable.

We got to lounge and look out at the Rockies for hours! The pictures don't do the scenery justice.

 We got into Denver late at night after a rock slide covered part of the tracks and we had to wait until maintainance crews cleared it. After spending the night in a hotel, we got back on the train early in the morning and made the journey back. Sounds kind of lame but it was actually a really fun, relaxing vacation with my mom :)
 And all the fun free food added to our nerdy excitement :)

 My final Spring Break adventure was replenishing our stock of homemade laundry detergent. We came across THIS RECIPE on Pinterest last summer and decided to try it. It makes about a gallon of detergent and you only have to put ONE TEASPOON into every load! I think it works great and it lasts forever! Definitely worth trying if you are sick of having to buy detergent all the time. My mom and I shared our batch and it lasted us about a year! (I just put a small amount of what we made in this bottle so I could take it home from my moms house, it makes a ton!)

 Unfortunately, today marks the last day of our break and now we have to get back to the real world. This includes attending the funeral of Josh's grandma Sharon. Although I didn't grow up calling her grandma, this lovely woman welcomed me into the family the very moment I met her. She reminded me so much of my own grandmother and I'd be bouncing in the car like a little girl every time we went to visit her. Sharon was a force of nature and will be missed.


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  1. A closet-sized train compartment is still very Harry Potter-like, I think! Looks fun! We're taking Dianna on Thomas the Tank Engine next month! I'm super excited about it.

    Also, I've gone snowboarding once and it was miserable. After an hour, Chris took me to the Intermediate slope...not successful. I think skiing next time will be a better experience.