Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lots of Changes!

It finally happened! After 5/6 years of college, Josh and I are both Utah State University Alumni! We both managed to snag a bachelors degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry (Josh also minored in English but he's a nerd and it's to be expected). I made Josh actually participate in the graduation ceremony, during which Josh was announced as graduating Cum Laude! I'm one proud wife!

I don't have many pictures, it was mostly our parents taking all of the pictures, but I did get a hold of these with my younger siblings:

...yeah...thats my little brother...don't really know when that happened...

I also ran into my roommate from my freshman year! Probably the best random roommate assignments I've ever had!

Along with graduation, we managed to squeeze in a move! We have officially upgraded our house :) It's quite an improvement our little "bunker" we used to live in. Best part: it costs less than our old house!!

The moving out madness:

As you may remember, we had to saw our couch in half to get it in the house. I had been dreading getting it back out for almost a year now. Luckily, a friend and her husband will be moving in and needed a couch so we provided one! haha horray for not having to deal with that nightmare...

 And now for our new house:

The outside really isn't much to look at but I seriously LOVE this place!

 Horray for a covered car port that can fit both mine and Josh's cars! No more snow scraping!
 Also a big horray for having full-size windows!! And couches that are in one piece!

 Horray for a garbage disposal AND dishwasher (the definition of spoiled)
 Big horray for a second bedroom that will soon become the crafting room! My best friend Brynne and I will soon be building that doll house in the box!
 Horray for a bigger bathroom that has the space for Josh and me to get ready at the same time! (you can't really tell in the picture because the angle is bad but I promise it's bigger!)
 Our office is separate from the living room now so one of us can work in peace while the other watches tv (horray for realizing that we don't have homework and this isn't as big of a necessity anymore!!)
 Love love looooove our bedroom with cute windows!
 complete with a view of our cute backyard and Old Main in the distance
 We have a ton of space for picnics this summer in our backyard, which even has plum and apricot trees! Yummmmm!

 On top of all of these changes, I got promoted at work AND got a raise! Now Josh and I are working full time and plan on doing so for the next year until we see where our next adventure lies. With all of that extra cash, we don't feel the least bit guilty splurging on our big vacation in FOUR DAYS! (take a look at that counter on the top right of the blog! I made it 8 months ago and have been watching time tick by so slowly...) I'm so excited, I can barely stand it. I keep peaking in on my empty suitcase convincing myself that I need to wait a little bit longer to pack.

While we are gone, my brother-in-law will be leaving on his 2-year LDS Mission to Honduras! So this picture documents the last time we get to see him until 2015! I can't wait to compare it to the picture of the family when he gets back and is a hardened Honduran haha.

 Good Luck Jordan!!!

P.S.~Josh and I have been married for 11 months today!!